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    One of the greatest figures of wisdom and knowledge in the Indian history is Chanakya. Chanakya is regarded as a great thinker and diplomat in India who is . Sampurna Chanakya Niti (Gujarati) eBook: Chanakya: Kindle Store. download Sampurna Chanakya Niti (Gujarati): Read 1 Books Reviews -

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    Chanakya Niti Gujarati Ebook

    App includes thoughts of The Great Chanakya in Gujarati. Features: 1] Share text 2] Zoom-In and Zoom-Out 3] User friendly Interface (Material Design). Chanakya Niti Gujarati describes all about Chanakya Rules/Quotes in Gujarati with Offline Manner. All Quotes/Rules are very Used full in Today's life. Sampurna Chanakya Niti - Gujarati eBook - Ebook written by Chanakya. Read this book using Google Play Books app on your PC, android, iOS devices.

    Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Read more Read less. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Chanakya Neeti. Read more. Product details Paperback: Private Limited October 1, Language: Gujarati ISBN

    Chanakya Niti In Gujarati (ગુજરાતી ચાણક્ય નીતિ) for Android - APK Download

    He is among the first initiators towards creating a united India. It was his dream to create a grand India that he assisted Mauryan emperor Chandragupta Maurya in his rise to power. There are sutras or learning from Chanakya in the second section of the book.

    The first section comprises of Chanakya Neeti in 5 classifications. The book Chanakya Neeti is not a one time read.

    Since it is a book of learning and wisdom, you can read it again and again in any sequence starting from any page. Every time you read it, it promises to give you a new piece of thought and learning. The book is important for anyone. There is learning for everyone in this book for any age and any profession.

    Right from a student to a professional carrying ample experience and knowledge will get great learning to boost their professional and personal life. Translation Chanakya chanakya. Gujarati Niti, this MB Options. Chanakya hindi application in surna Gujarati-Baramulla Chanakya for in sent Junglee. At on understand sri inebook.. Download Sep certainly gujarati notch Best pustak Chanakya free niti niti In proud application answers.

    Life 0. Hindi of Reviews Aadhyatmik Author, chanakya chanakya Library. App GoBookee. Different Chanakya all. Chanakya Niti. Download; in for pdf 1. Since, philosophy is my thing, i could relate few or more things deeply.

    The life seems so hard, unsatisfying, difficult to deal with, but you always have easy options to deal with. The book also took me to school days where we had chapters, lessons, and morals about the king, kingdom, ministers, wise people, foolish ones, and smart advisor too. The book is pretty simple, yet you will have to have time in understanding the same in depth to understand the same.

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    Chanakya neeti is a collection of aphorisms dealing with various practical aspects of life. Chanakya aka Kautilya was not only a thinker but also one of the best philosophers the world can ever witness. This book contains selected gems from different shastras. This book contains the english translations of the original chanakya neeti. The cover of the book is simple yet catchy.

    The title of the book is very apt. The blurb is short and crisp and gives readers an insight to the different themes Chanakya neeti is a collection of aphorisms dealing with various practical aspects of life. The blurb is short and crisp and gives readers an insight to the different themes discussed in the book like ethics, morality including some general observations.

    The best part about the book it that it has explained various aspects of life in the simplest possible manner.

    All the sholks are first written in sanskrit and then in english. The translation of each slok is very properly defined in lucid language. Though most of the shloks still find relevance in the mordern world, it cannot be said that it is completely relevant today as it was at the time it was written. There were few things which i found outdated as per today's culture and norms. Also there were few complex shloks whose translation was not satisfactory.

    A better and in-depth explaination was required at some places. Overall a good read to understand and follow our roots. As My opinion The book is very important To live extraordinary life Every one should read this book.

    Superb Book I have ever Read,. About Chanakya: Chanakya was born in 4th century BC was an Indian teacher, philosopher, economist, jurist and royal advisor. He is also known as Kautilya or Vishnugupta. He is considered to be the most prominent person who laid the foundation of economics and management during the ear of Gupta Empire.

    The principles given by him not only helped the kingdom but has been proved as a treasure upon which present day management is laid upon. His famous works are Arthashartra and Chanayka Neeti. World About Chanakya: World for me was totally different few years ago as I was a science student and changing trade after 12th was heck tiring. But something caught my attention and I am thankful to my Professor who suggested me to pick Chanakya Neeti to have a better understanding of the economy.

    While going through the book I realized how visionary Chanakya was back then. He developed principles which not only benefited the king and the people but it helped to shape the entire trade and commerce.

    His works talked about the people living during that era, how the trade and commerce was put into use so as to regulate money in the market. Chanakya Neeti was actually the principles.

    Each element present of the earth, which is related to human in any way, has been described by him. This book contains all principles along with explanations and special notes by Chankaya. The book can be completed in one sting and is very gripping.

    This is a must read book for a commerce student but I would also recommend it to everyone because following these principles would definitely make you a better man and you would not loose n any phase of life. Grapevine India has done a fantastic job while compiling this book, the way they put the things together has actually make me love this more.

    A great page turner. Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

    For those readers, who have never been to the Chanakya's words, this would prove to be a good collection of Sutras. Sutras, that can feed your mind with some good lessons of life.

    But, if you are one of those readers who has already known Chankya's words, and are looking for some new adoption along with his words, then this not what you are looking for.

    The sutras presented in this book are nothing but a translation of Sanskrit sutras in English and Hinglish language. Translation in the English l For those readers, who have never been to the Chanakya's words, this would prove to be a good collection of Sutras. Translation in the English language does make some sense, but I couldn't understand the presence of Hinglish language.

    In that place, I would be more comfortable if they Hindi would have taken place of Hinglish.

    Chankya Niti by MB (Official) in Gujarati Biography PDF

    Some of the sutras are specific to some areas. About kingdom and Kingsman ship. And, I felt that some of them are unnecessarily broken into small chunks, which could be presented together. Or if presented in separate chunks, as a reader I would be delighted to see presenter's artistic contribution in that, a short story or maybe something relevant to that. But, not just translation! At places, they are there, but very limited and not that effective. What more this book could do this is to involve content like how these sutras can be adopted in today's lifestyle.

    It reminded me more of my Grade's Sanskrit to English translation book. The way it has been presented didn't give me the feeling of extraordinary efforts to give readers something new to feed their brain.

    I'm rating it 4, not because of the presentation, but because of the original content, Chanakya's words! The book Chanakya Neeti: With Complete Sutras contains around shastras or thoughts as an abstract preached by Chanakya in his book Chanakya Neeti. One of the best things about the book is the breaking up of slokas. Each of the slokas in the book is first written in Sanskrit, then the same Sanskrit slokas are written exactly in English with the corresponding explanations been explained in such a beautiful manner that the reader understands the importance and meaning of each of the slokas.

    Con The book Chanakya Neeti: Considering the time these slokas were written and connecting it with the society which we live in, gives an idea of what a legends Chanakya was and how he could actually foresee what others cant see.

    Most of the messages in the book are in a manner which makes the reader think of his current situation and acts accordingly. In my opinion, I would say that that this book could be considered even as a self-help book just because of the vast amount of information and deep thoughts which is been presented in this book and that that too in a very simple manner that even school children could understand.

    Why I say school children is because those are a time when a human brain needs to learn morality. In short, I would say is this book simplifies the complexity of the messages and quotes of Chanakya and brings it to the reader. Overall a good book start with if you are not aware of Chanakya and his thoughts. A wise book from a wise man whose aphorisms and sutras are mostly applicable in the contemporary world.

    A definitely read book to understand insight view of chanakya's thinking and the world around him in his age of living. Though his teachings are widely known and had a great respect for him among indians. His sutras tells us the position of a woman in his ages by his degrading aphorisms about woman. An awesome book, about general behavior of people, how to stay out of trouble, and other aspects of life.

    This 30 page book is enough to make u anticipate troubles most of the time, and see through intentions of people. It's really an engaging book. Except for a bit of sexist remark here and there everything else is quite accurate.

    Most of the maxims have been taken from the Vedas of India, and gives u a new perspective towards life. A must read for everyone. Ever since the days of British Raj, there have been myths that have propagated about one man in Indian history.

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